December 04, 2003

Dear Mr. Savage,

I work for the Wisconsin State Senate and recently had the unfortunate priviledge of staffing a Senate public hearing in Madison on gay marriage. Current statute defines marriage as only between a "husband and wife", and certain ambitious Republican senators have submitted a proposal to change the language to only between "one man and one woman." Ostensibly, the new proposal does little but veto-bait Democratic Governor Jim Doyle into ostracizing the homophobic heterosexual community here in Wisconsin. It's not like any gay person in this state thought they could get married in the first place.

During the proceedings, however, I was privvy to some comedy that might be of interest to your readers. One of the many far-right Christian conservative men who testified during that afternoon praised the "pioneering" work of Senator Rick Santorum in the "fight against gays." As he said this, a middle-aged gay marriage advocate sitting next to me whispered under his breath: "Looks like that guy's got some santorum on his suit-coat!" He said it very quietly, but the three or four people who heard him, myself included, could not contain ourselves. Good work, Mr. Savage - santorum is seeping down into the rank and file, gumming up the machinery of the Wisconsin State Senate.

Sure Enough, New Attempts To Offend Rick

p.s. Your column makes Wednesdays a lot more interesting.

Hey, Dan: My buddy Pat Cashman is trying to get "gummed-up" into the lexicon of traffic reporting, e.g.; "167 is gummed up at 405". I told him you were wanting to get Santorum out there in the mainstream, too. He of course quickly agreed that this is a worthy cause (since he loves reading your smut too) and is going to start a campaign without even talking to KJR management. Maybe he was kidding.......hmm.

And furthermore I write a real estate column in The Times and tried to squeak it in in a couple places at least twice now, to no avail. The phalanx of editors cannot be busted. It took me a year to get in a tearing-down the Kingdome reference, so we must persevere. Ill keep trying to loosen up Fairview Fanny and he can work on the airwaves part.

Keep fighting the good fight!


I am attending the NGLTF Creating Change conference here in Miami, Florida. At the opening plenary session, the new Executive director for the NGLTF, Matt Foreman, used the word "santorum" in his opening remarks about the current state of the lesbian and gay civil rights in the United States. He talked about Rick Santorum and his comments and then he referenced santorum, saying, " in I hope that Santorum comes out of the sheets in a wash. Many of you know what I mean." Now the NGLTF Executive Director is officially using the word "santorum" in his speeches.

Drew L.

I just want you to know that it worked and I am *so* proud! I was looking at a news article about the Republicans tryin' to pull some shit over on the Democrats and they had some obnoxious quote by Rick Santorum. And, I swear to God, the first thought that went through my head was, "Santorum - eww, gross." Keep up the good work,


``For the first time, people are paying attention to an issue that a lot of people feel passionate about,'' said Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., adding that his office has been flooded with calls from supporters. ``Now the general public is becoming aware of it and I think it will become much more of a discussion point and an important one.''

That's a quote regarding the fillibuster going on in washington. But what's he 'REALLY' talking about??? hmmmmm?

F in Toronto

I just wanted to let you know that I had the honor of defining the word "santorum" on my local rap station, 92Q in Baltimore Maryland. They not only aired my definition as "the mix of seminal fluid and fecal matter that occurs after "booty" sex (you can't say anal on the radio, I guess), but they also let me explain the word's connection to good old Rick Santorum and his radical right wing agenda. When asked to use santorum in a sentence, I quipped, "What a mess! There's santorum everywhere." Not my best use of the word, but I think they got my point. Did I mention I won tickets to see the new Matrix movie? It pays to read your column Dan.

Dan's Invention Could Keep Humans Everywhere Asking Definitions

My husband and I are big fans of yours, and so are many of our friends. When my husband and I got married earlier this month, some dear friends gave us matching santorum t-shirts as a wedding gift. We happened to open the t-shirts in front of half a dozen other friends and family members (including an 84-year-old grandmother), which prompted lots of questions. We explained the santorum saga and everyone loved it. We're doing our part to spread the word! Sign us,

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