December 04, 2003

In a fascinating twist of fate, Rick Santorum has an office in Northeast Penna. that is adjacent to and shares a wall with gay bar. By the way, santorum has entered this part of the state's lexicon. I am as amused as I am disgusted.

North East Pennsylvania Amusement

I don't know if you already know this becasue I have not read your column consistently, but when rick santorum was running for the legislature the first time, way back when, he stood outside on Rodi Road and Frankstown Avenue in Penn Hills wearing a sandwich board proclaiming his candidacy, while grinningly waving to passing traffic. It was the most undignified thing I ever saw, and I couldn't believe the stupidity of the people who elected him. I was stunned that this clown actually won, doing such a thing. I swear to you this is true, and you can use it in your column to make fun of him, if you haven't already. That's how he started out!

And don't forget that his mentor is the author of the magic bullet bullshit

of the warren commission!

Ashamed to be a Pennsylvanian