March 16, 2004


As a Wisconsonite living in Hong Kong, I frequently check in with the Wisconsin State Journal to find out what's going on back home. Well imagine my surprise when I find this headline:

Baldwin, Santorum Give Preview of an Election Issue: Gay Marriage

If only it could have been worded differently. Maybe something like "Baldwin Debates Election Issue of Gay Marriage with Santorum", or something equally funny.

Anyhow, please find the article and the link below.



Wisconsin State Journal

February 16, 2004

Dear Dan

I really have to thank you for lightening many a dreary day for me as I go about my job of attempting to pound some English into Japanese junior high school students' heads. Oddly enough, 'Savage Love' is my favorite link to the real, 'normal' world back home.

I thought you would be happy to know that at a recent conference for English teachers in Japan the lunchtime conversation featured everyone's favorite frothy fecal matter noun - santorum! I'm Canadian and I shared my table with some Americans, Australians and Brits and we all pledged to continue spreading the good word. Have been trying to get my supervisor to add 'santorum' to the officially sanctioned vocabulary list, but no luck so far.

Keep up the good work!

Savage Lover In Japan

December 04, 2003

I'm without a doubt a fan of your work. Every week I surf to The Onion and check out your helpfull but hilarious advice to people with the weirdest problems. It all reminds me that I'm quite the normal guy (off course I know that 'normal' is a relative concept), so I'm not writing this letter to ask you something even you might frown upon. I'm writing because only yesterday I thouroughly began to understand 'Santorum'. Oh I understood what you meant by it alright, but I didn't actually know the subject this 'frothy mixture of fecal matter and lube that sometimes results from anal sex' was named after.

You see, I'm from Belgium. And although we, here in this small European nest, are confronted with the seedy underbelly of American politics and society for that matter, more often then we would like to. I never ever heard or saw this Senator Santorum you all hate so much. Yesterday however, this blissfull ignorance got blasted by the evening news. A story went that Republicans got a law through that ilegalises partial abortion. I won't tell you what I think of that subject, but I do want to tell you that we got to see 'The Mighty Santorum' give a stomach-turning speech in favour of illegalisation.

At that very moment I completely understood your deep-rooted hate and disaffection towards this person. Hell, it didn't even look like a real person. I'm familiar with the hollowness and utter stupidity of the so-called emotional speeches Bush and his cohorts tend to give, but this exceeded them all.

So in these two minutes of that 'man' on the Belgian tv, I gained total knowledge of the concept 'Santorum' and of the why's and how's it got that name. I'm sorry for you and everyone you hold dear, that people like that (with ideas, speeches and haircuts like that) are supposed to lead you into a better future.

I hope I never have to see or hear that man again and actually, I hope the same for you. In the meanwhile, keep up the good work and know you have at least one Belgian fan! Sign me,

A Phony Name

I have been an English teacher in China for about a year and my office mates and I have recently become avid readers of your column so that we can at least get a weekly dose of good ol' fashion American perversion. I don't have a sexual problem for you (at least one worthy of being posted next to shit eaters and the like) but I thought you would find it amusing to know that Santorum is quickly catching on in China. I don't know how much of the actual substance there is in China, considering the facts that officially there "are no homosexuals in China" and bringing up sex in most conversations leads to many red faces. What I do know is that all of my co-workers and students have been taught the word (as well as my girlfriend) and have actively been using it and passing it on.

Think of it, 1.3 billion people speaking Savagenese... the possibilities are endless. Could you perhaps compile a list of your neologisms and send them to me so I can give my Chinese students and friends some real American culture?

Savage Love Adjectives and Neologisms are Great

G'day from Australia, where I read your column with great enjoyment, notwithstanding I am a straight middleaged married female (with an open, nay kinky, mind). You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I and my friends straight, homo and bi have enjoyed the whole Santorum thing enormously, think it serves the asshole (ahem) right, and applaud your use of the name and its subsequent worldwide usage... looking forward to the website!

Sue D.

I am writing from London on the day of GWB's arrival - I shall desist from the obvious jibes, ironies etc.

Re: Santorum - a good friend of mine was over from Melbourne the other day, he teaches at La Trobe over there (I work for the govt here in the UK) and in both our workplaces Santorum is recognised as that frothy mixture of lube and faecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex...whether that makes any difference to your email policy, I doubt.

And now for something completely different: do you have "dogging" in the US? I'm sure you do (it's probably been the subject of columns in the past (BD). If not, here's the scoop (from someone who is not involved and doesn't understand)...

Dogging is, apparently, going to a public place and engaging in sexual activity directly (i.e. having sex yourself) or more often ; indirectly (i.e. watching others have sex)and there's all sorts of websites to tell you where it goes on....another sign of the pernicious nature of global capitalism... you have to give a visa number to find out where the free sex is! Oh!! Did I say I wasn't involved and don't understand!

BTW I have turned many people on to your column and they love it for: your honesty; your frankness (isn't that just another word for honesty...?); your humour; your campaigns; your general tip-top quality advice and; your love.

I have to say - embarassing though it is -


Best wishes,