June 21, 2004

I was at a bar (the Green Room) in Iowa City last night when out of nowhere I heard the lead singer of the band sing "smell the sweet santorum." It might have been Captain Morgan singing to me, but I couldn't think of any other phrase that sounds like "smell the sweet santorum."

Barry R.

Thanks for sharing, Barry.

June 10, 2004

Just wanted to let all the santorumphiles out there know that if they are members of www.tribe.net they can join the new Santorum tribe and share tips on how to spread some santorum.


Thanks for the heads up, Michael.

June 9, 2004

I'm sure you've heard about this bill, but I wanted to pass along just in case you haven't.

Senator Rick Santorum is trying to rush a bill to the Senate floor that is so badly written that it could undermine civil rights protections in the workplace -- and make health care less accessible, more discriminatory and riskier.

This legislation would make it easier for individuals to impose their religious beliefs on their coworkers or customers. Unless stopped or amended, Senator Santorum's bill would increase the likelihood that employees could ignore an employer's policies against racial or religious harassment of coworkers.

The Santorum legislation would strengthen the hand of police officers who want to pick and choose who they will protect, and emergency health care workers and mental health counselors who could abandon patients because their care conflicts with the worker's religious beliefs -- or simply because the patient is gay or lesbian.

Take Action! Don't let Congress open the door to religious discrimination that will harm coworkers, patients or customers.

Click here for more information and to urge your Representative to oppose this legislation!


FYI -- Janeane Garofalo just mentioned "santorum" (nearly correctly defined) on her Majority Report show on Air America Radio tonight...

- B.

Victory is surely ours! And later this week -- I promise -- on this here website, you will be able to view video of Santorum discussing santorum! And read a riveting letter from Sen. Santorum discussing santorum!

Ms. Grafolo used "santorum" on her radio show. Now Reason Magazine is calling Rick Santorum "the frothy mixture" on their website:

Protected by a Higher Power

The ACLU warns of a bill sponsored by Rick "the frothy mixture" Santorum that would expand the scope of accomodations employers, public and private, must make to the religious practices of employees. The text of the Workplace Religious Freedom Act makes it sound as though it's mostly about religous clothing or taking off religious holidays, but the ACLU worries its vague wording would force employers to countenance proselytizing on the job or even employee refusal to work with gay or female clients or colleagues.

Interesting side note: Santorum's joined in sponsoring this one by Senators Clinton and John Kerry (the sponsor of a previous version of the bill in the late 90s).

So when, oh when, is the mainstream media going to report on the santorum phenomenon?

June 3, 2004

Sen. Rick Santorum may not approve of this recent campaign to lure gay tourists-and our gay dollars-to Philly, a big, gay city in the big, gay state of Pennsylvania. I'm not sure the gay in SF who designed the rainbow flag is going to like it much either.